Shut the Gate Wins 2016 AUSTSWIM QLD Recognised Swim School of the Yearss


Our hard work over the last five years has paid off.
Combining efforts of our program development, teacher and staff training, and how we engage with the community and promote water safety, our hard work and efforts from all the team members has finally paid off.  Shut the Gate is proudly the QLD AUSTSWIM recognise Swim School of the year.

The story made the local Newspaper, The Bulletin.
Check out the link here to read the article.

amandaAmanda Feddersen takes out the 2016 AUSTSWIM WETS Aqua Instructor of the Year.


Congratulations Miss Amanda!
Amanda Feddersen is one of our amazing Teachers of swimming and water safety.  Just over 12 months ago, Amanda took on the role of Aqua Instructing as well as teaching.  In this new role, she has found her feet doing something she loves just as much as teaching; And she gets to stay fit while doing it.  Her participants love her classes and enjoy her happy nature.

Check out Amanda’s classes on Monday evenings, and Friday lunch.

Shut the Gate reaches 1100 local School Children.20160902_121751

20160902_121905 STG has recently completed water safety talks at a number of schools and kindergartens in Rockhampton.  We reached just shy of 1100 children this year almost matching the 1100 we spoke to last year.  Great thing about those numbers; they aren’t the same 1100 children!  This year we spoke to different schools and different children meaning we’ve reached nearly 2200 students in two years.  WE’d like to thank Royal Life Saving Qld, and all the ladies in the office in Brisbane who bent over backwards to make sure we had enough information to hand out to all the students!  We’d also like to thank AUSTSWIM for sending Platypus Pete to each of the talks.  The kids loved meeting him!



Beating the ‘Winter Blues’

State Swim Schools – South Australia   

We catch colds from being exposed to viruses. These viruses are usually transmitted through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It is impossible to catch a cold just from being cold – we must come into contact with the cold or flu virus to ‘catch it’. As these viruses can’t live in the air for long we can only catch them around people who have them!

In fact, “Colds are more common in winter because people (especially children) spend more time indoors and are therefore exposed to more germs.” (University of California – Berkeley)

Why do only some people exposed to these bugs actually catch them? Truth is, some people have stronger immune systems than others and this helps them to fight off the nasty bugs. Becoming very cold can temporarily lower our body temperature and challenge the immune system making us more prone to picking up those airborne viruses.

So, how do we strengthen our immune systems? Eating a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and vegetables is the first line of defence. The second is to maintain a regular exercise program. Children who swim regularly are fitter and maintain stronger immune systems to fight off the viruses they come into contact with. In fact, children who swim throughout winter seem to catch far less colds and flu.

Shut the Gate is 31°C and the air temperature is also maintained at a comfortable level making swimming the ideal exercise through the winter months. It is also important to ensure children are appropriately dressed on the journey to and from the swim school.

With the improved fitness gained from swimming regularly, swimmers improve the probability of having strong immune systems to ‘fight back’ the next time they cross the path of someone else’s cough or sneeze!!!