Photography Policy


  • To be able to take photographs of your swimmer/s within this facility you must notify the office one week in advance. 
  • This notifcation will allow US (the office staff) to check with parents of other children if this is ok.
  • The teacher must also be notified and the teacher has the right to say they don’t want any photographs taken that day.
  • No video footage, under any circumstance, is to be captured while lessons are being held within the facility.
  • Photographs taken by parents/carers/family friends must contain their child only or their child and the teacher only.
  • No other child is allowed to appear in your photographs unless that parent verbally confirms that is ok at the time of the lesson.
  • Any parent who says they don’t want their child’s image appearing in another photograph has the right to ask to the other parent to delete/destroy any photograph where their child appears.
In a nutshell,
  • Photographs are for personal use only.
  • Photographs are not to be used for advertising or media in any way.
  • Photographs can be posted on Facebook and Twitter, however you must notify us by either tagging (FB) or verbally confirming it at the office.  This will allow us to help regulate this policy for the protection of your children and others.

Make-Up Policy


  • Our Make up Policy benefits students in the following ways:
    • Reduced class numbers with more consistency  
    • Increased teacher planning ability for individual students.
    • Less disruption to lessons by a make up student.  
    • Maintain class dynamics.
    • Reduced stress on students and teachers.  
    • Fully recovery from illness before completing a make up lesson.  
    • Encourage students to attend during Water Safety Week.  
    • Make up lessons are completed when class sizes are traditionally smaller.


  • Two (2) make up lessons are available for each 10 week school term.
  • Shut the Gate must be advised at least 30 minutes prior to the start time of the student’s scheduled lesson
  • A doctor’s Certificate must be sighted by our administrators for the day the student was absent.
  • Make up lessons will be booked according to AVAILABILITY during the SCHOOL HOLIDAY period following the absent lesson (this is to meet the Guidelines of Safe Pool Operation).
  • Make up lessons will not be available to students who are absent during Water Safety Week.
  • Make up lessons will not be granted when children are removed from lessons for unacceptable behaviour.
  • Please refrain from bringing your child to swimming lessons if your child is suffering from any contagious condition. 
  • Please Note that there is a two (2) day exclusion period for swimmers that have had diarrhea.
  • When you book your child’s make up lesson/s and you do not attend, you forfeit the chance to rebook the make-up lesson/s you missed

Please note if a child has had diarrhoea in the last two days they are not permitted to enter the water due to health and safety regulations.